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Statistically, half of all adult users on Facebook have more than 200 friends in their network. But if you think deeper, you’ll see that you feel truly comfortable to talk or meet with only a couple-three of them.


The idea behind the app

flaPnet has a different view on social networking. We believe social networks exist to help people to establish real connections but not to replace them. That’s why we are aiming to provide a unique social network app for everyone who’d like to find new friends and communicate easily not only virtually but in real life too. Someone who’s a footstep away from you and also wouldn’t mind chatting. And probably meeting in a near café or pub.

At flaPnet social network you can see all online users on a real-time updating map and chat with any of them from within the app. No invites or friend requests needed. Just tap on a person on desgnated area on the ma and start communicating. No excessive fields to fill in your profile. Only quick notes about who you are, the rest you can tell yourself in a live conversation. Go further and find a pub or movie to meet or pick up a group of your interest and start communication from there.

This is our idea on the future of social networking.


About us

At the moment, the project has two major driving forces – Timur and Dmitry. We started working on flaPnet in August 2015, on the calendar its birthday is marked on August 10. Since that time we’ve been working hard to prepare application for the release. A lot has been done on the design and concept, but still we have more to do in future.

We welcome everybody to share our ideas and make it real.


If you want to be part of the new revolution in social networking, then join us!



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