flaPnet is a next generation social network with the ability to find and communicate with people via real-time updating map with geolocation of all users. This is the best social network app to find new contacts, explore the world around you with its people and places and make your day fun.

flaPnet was inspired by the idea to change people’s vision of social networking. To make people more connected not only virtually but in real life too. And in August 2015 we started hard but engaging work to turn our idea into reality. Since that time it has undergone some changes but our core goal still remains the same. To create the service where you can enjoy:


– Geolocation of all users.

View all online users on one world map. Every user is marked with an icon by tapping on which you can see his photo, name, status and can go deeply to his profile, send him a message or add to friends or share a nice place with him.


– Built-in messenger.

Enjoy easy and fast communication. Send photos, videos, voice and text messages to your friends.


– Complete guide on interesting places.

Coffee houses, bars, snack bars, restaurants – all places are marked on the map. View photos, ratings, read menus and comments, contact info, see visitors with the option of instant messaging to them.


– Friend finder.

Find friends on the designated area on the map and reach them just in one tap.


– Groups by interest.

Engage with the communities of like-minded people and follow them on the map. Create or join groups based on your interests, invite friends and keep in close contact with them.


– Highly customizable settings.

Choose to share any information you feel up to at privacy settings, including visibility of your profile, photos, videos, friend list. Adjust notification panel to be alerted of any activity that involves you, i.e new messages, friend requests, invitations and more.


– Easy and secure registration.

You can sign in with your e-mail address without linking account to your mobile number.


– Supported platforms and languages.

flaPnet will be available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. On release date flaPnet will support 3 languages: English, Russian and German.


With flaPnet we’d like to take social networking to a new level so as to help people make contacts easily and more natural. Whether you are travelling to another country and would like to find a company for an evening in any city you are travelling. Or if of all your stale contacts on Facebook there’s no one you feel comfortable to talk to or invite to go out.  If you’d like to explore new places around you, make new friends, meet new people, get out of your comfort zone and have adventure – flaPnet is just the right thing to try out.

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